Rotermann. The Bold Town of Tallinn

Stop for a while. Open your eyes, open your heart.

Find your way into Rotermann.

Take a moment for yourself, or spend it with your loved ones. Friends, colleagues. Or maybe get to know someone new. Make every moment count. Catch the

breakfast buzz.

Have a meeting. Close the deal. Have lunch.

Why not with your dog?

Lounge around.

Sip some coffee.

Maybe read a book.

Get inspired.

Walk around a bit more. Marvel the architecture and


Come up with a new idea. Get something beautiful for yourself from

Estonian designers.

Treat yourself well. Have a dinner at

Michelin Guide


Drink some wine.

Kiss your loved one. Repeat. See? It’s easy, it’s enjoyable. It’s life. And whatever you can’t find from Rotermann, you’ll find it right from the neighbour. Whether it’s a theatre or a shopping centre, a medieval fortification or a cabaret. Go enjoy them too – and see you after that. Because together we all make Tallinn. We stand for urban environment as it should be. For people, to be enjoyed. This is what Rotermann, the Bold Town of Tallinn, is all about.


EURO 2024 fan zone


Euro 2024 fan zone

Rotermann Rhythm DJ evenings

We invite you to Rotermann chimney square on every Wednesday and Friday evening to enjoy not only great food but also good music.

Rotermann Rhythms

Umbrella Sky Estonia

The colorful and 110% Instagrammable Umbrella Sky invites all art lovers with character to come, take photos and enjoy the summer.

Umbrella Sky Estonia

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