Euro 2024 fan zone


Rotermann RhythmsThis week

Chimney square 12/07/2024 18-22

Rotermann Rhythm DJ evenings

Hints of summer breeze and sunshine suggest that Rotermann Rhythms will once again fill the quarter. We invite you to Rotermann chimney square on every Wednesday and Friday evening to enjoy not only great food but also good music.

For the best experience, book a table on the terrace in advance!

🔴 R14: +372 5855 8120

🔴 +372 5550 5158

🔴 Gobi: +372 5554 4990

🔴 Levier: +372 5394 6942

P.S.! The event will only take place in good weather ☀


Euro 2024 fan zoneThis week

Rotermann Fan Zone 14/07/2024 22:00


We should be extremely grateful to the football gods because we have witnessed such incredibly exciting football at the European Championship. But now it’s time to dive into even more intense matches, as only the eight strongest teams remain.

Come and enjoy world-class football from July 5th to 14th on Estonia’s largest outdoor screen! All the upcoming matches of Europe’s biggest football tournament, from the quarterfinals to the final, will be broadcast live from the fan zone at Rotermann Square.

There will be plenty of surprises, games, and raffles on-site, along with performances by popular artists like Bombossa Brothers, Liisi Voolaid, and Rulers of the Deep. In addition to thrilling games, you can also enjoy a wide variety of food and drinks.

Head to Rotermann, bring your friends, and witness the most memorable sports experience of your life!


”Micro fairy tale” exhibitionThis week

PALM GALLERY 01/09/2024 8.30-20.00

Margit Lipstuhl ”MICRO FAIRY TALE”

In fairy tales, there’s an invisible magical power. The trace elements in our food have the power to strengthen us. Together, they form a micro fairy tale, filled with power and magic.

The first painting “Little Red Riding Hood” came about by chance.

From then on, such paintings started to emerge. I was guided by a silent – invisible guide within me. It’s good that it’s built into the nervous system.

At the same time, many other connections began to emerge through recognition. For example, trace elements in our food. Just observe on a large scale and you’ll be enchanted by this world.

The invisible gives us the ability to use our eyes to see a perfect world. We have the right to be healthy.

@lipsiart #lipsiart

In addition to the exhibition, the lush plants rescued and rejuvenated from the Viimsi winter garden at Palm Gallery deserve attention.

The gallery is open every day from 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM for visiting and offers a tropical experience. The exhibition “MICRO FAIRYTALE” remains open until 01.09.2024


Umbrella Sky EstoniaThis week

Stalker passage 30/09/2024

Umbrella Sky Estonia x Non-alcoholic KOFF Long Drink

Modern street art project Umbrella Sky will make it’s way to Rotermann this summer!

The colorful and 110% 📸Instagrammable📸 Umbrella Sky invites all art lovers with character to come, take photos and enjoy the summer.

The installation will remain above Stalker passage until the end of September.


Summer libraryThis week

Summer library 30/09/2024 9.00-19.00

Summer library

Much loved among citizens and visitors of Tallinn – the summer library has opened its doors for the second season in a row!

The books collected by the National Library’s Repository Library are looking for a new home. They are free to take, library will remain open until September.

There is a selection of books in English and other languages.

Library is open every day from 9am-7pm.