Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.

One of the many charms of Rotermann is certainly its rich selection of cafés, offering unforgettable experiences not only for coffee lovers, but for anyone who immerses themselves in the Quarter to enjoy unique flavours and atmosphere.

In summer, all cafés also have outdoor terraces – coffee always tastes better in the sun, doesn’t it?


Gallery Cafe

In Rotermann, the Gallery Café stands out for its ever-changing modern art exhibitions, which cover the walls of the café and provide an enchanting experience for all visitors. But what makes the atmosphere even more special is the combination of art and coffee. From the moment you enter the café, you are greeted by the aroma of perfectly balanced coffee. In addition to coffee, Gallery Café also offers delicious pastries and elegant delicacies, which together with coffee create a truly diverse combination of flavours.

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In the Stalker passage, a small bakery with Scandinavian influences is renowned for its range of exceptionally high quality coffee beverages, with coffee beans sourced from the best micro-roasters in Estonia and abroad. The baristas of Røst are true experts who know how to roast and brew coffee just right to achieve a true symbiosis of flavours and textures. By the way, their coffee not only tastes good, but is also an aesthetically pleasing work of art. It’s this attention to detail and quality that gives coffee made at Røst a special meaning.

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Known for the city’s best macaroons, the café serves hot coffee drinks complimenting oven-warm pastries and pies in the early hours of the morning. As a novelty, you can now come to Levier not only for lunch and dinner, but also to sample the rich breakfast menu. The inviting atmosphere is created by the cosy seating areas, which make Levier the ideal place to enjoy quality flavours and spend time with yourself, friends and coffee!

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