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Rotermann City OÜ

Rotermanni 8, 10111 Tallinn
+372 626 4200

Business Manager

Julius Stokas
+372 5565 3650

Sales Manager

Karoliina Ojanurm
+372 507 0004

Head of Marketing

Triin Tammela
+372 527 4871

Rotermann Property Manager

Rene Uuspõld
+372 509 9264

Client Relations Manager

Mari Maala
+372 5353 3192


Find us

By bicycle

Did you know that Rotermann is just a 15-minute bike ride away from Kadriorg, a 5-minute bike ride away from Freedom Square, and 10 minutes away from the Train Station? Rotermann is the first car-free district in Tallinn. We have made sure that it’s convenient to come to us by bike and to stay longer. You can find bike racks near cafes and shops as well as in front of office buildings. After exploring Rotermann, we recommend continuing to explore the city by bike – you can find a suitable route on Tallinn’s official bike path web map.

By car

As a car-free district, we have relocated four-wheeled vehicles underground but in the most convenient way for you. The entrance to Rotermann parking garage (EUROPARK) is from Ahtri Street, from the corner of Valge Maja or Roseni 12, and Ahtri Street. When exiting the parking garage, you have two options – either take the stairs and you’ll reach Rotermann main street next to the REEDE store, or use the elevator, and you’ll find yourself in Palmigalerii in all its beauty. Either way, you’ll reach the heart of Rotermann, from where it’s easy to navigate to your desired destination.

By public transport

It can be said that Rotermann is located in the center of the public transportation network. That’s right. On the Narva maantee side, you’ll find the Viru Bus Terminal, as well as the Hobujaama bus and tram stops. A new tram line is being built on Hobujaama Street, and the bus stop on Ahtri Street is right in front of the FleuRRoyale flowered by Peter Boeijkens flower shop. Isn’t it convenient? You can also take trams and buses to Mere puiestee, and there are designated parking spaces for scooters along the edge of the district. Voila!

By foot

This is a great idea! The best way to explore Rotermann and the surrounding areas is to walk here. If you want to enjoy an evening in one of Rotermann’s restaurants or wine bars before heading to the Drama Theatre, allow up to 15 minutes for the walk to the theater. However, if you’re coming for a quick lunch and are within 500 meters of Rotermann, you’ll reach us in 5 to 6 minutes.

By taxi

Open the FORUS Taxi app, set Rotermanni 8 as your destination, and the taxi will take you to the main square. However, if you want to go to FleuRRoyale flowered by Peter Boeijkens to buy fresh flowers or visit MICHELIN Guide restaurants, we recommend traveling to the address Rotermanni 18.

By ship

Did you arrive at the D-terminal? Then just walk – in just 10 minutes, you’ll notice the PULL restaurant, and your tour of Rotermann can begin. However, if you arrived at the A-terminal by ship, you’ll be able to reach us by tram from 2025. Until then, enjoy the 20-minute walk on a nice day or use the FORUS Taxi app.

By train

When coming by train, you probably start your journey from Balti Jaam. From there, you can reach Rotermann most conveniently and quickly by tram – tram numbers 1, 2, and 5 are the ones we recommend taking to Kanuti stop, and from there, it’s just a 3-minute walk to Rotermann. Macta Beauty, the Rotermann beauty products department store, can be seen from Ahtri Street from afar.

By airplane

This means you’ve just completed a longer journey. We recommend ordering a taxi quickly through the FORUS Taxi app to get to your destination. They will be waiting for you at the Airport’s outdoor area. However, if you’d like to stretch your legs a bit, tram number 2 also runs from the Airport towards the city center, taking you to the Hobujaama tram stop. From there, you’re just a 4-minute walk away from Rotermann.