Taking your dog to brunch? Why not?

You don’t have to leave your four-legged friend at home with a heavy heart when visiting Rotermann. The Bold Town of Tallinn is a dog-friendly neighbourhood and visitors with dogs are welcome in almost all of our cafés and restaurants. More observant visitors will also have spotted Bold Town’s very own big red dog, which has now found a place in thousands of people’s albums and photo galleries.


It’s no surprise to Levier’s regulars when they enter the café and are greeted by the hostess’s own four-legged furballs of joy. This is how they greet all their friends, who are always welcomed with clean drinking water and dog treats. By the way, Levier has also been awarded the title of All-Estonian Pet Friendly Restaurant.

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Flamm is a world of its own. A cosy and friendly place where dogs are always welcome. A restaurant of great size and charming simplicity in the best sense of the word. Everything is set to keep the focus on Flammkuchen, the wonderful flame cakes from Alsace. The delicacies, quickly prepared in front of customers in a blazing hot oven, are the perfect match for good wine, company and their four-legged friends.

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Restaurant Platz is a place where every guest, biped or quadruped, is warmly welcomed 😊. With its timeless interior, Platz always evokes a feeling of warmth – during the day amidst the limestone walls, in the evening in the soft candlelight. But the main thing is what’s on offer – whether it’s a simple lunch or a formal dinner. Fresh local ingredients are used as much as possible, but due to the variety of foods, raw materials are sometimes imported from faraway countries. Something for every palate. Platz also offers tasty snacks for your furry friends.

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Orangerie welcomes all of our well-behaved furry friends, who are offered both water and treats. The owners of the four-legged friends, on the other hand, are offered a range of dishes made from quality ingredients, with a particular focus on organic produce. Orangerie is a restaurant for informed visitors who appreciate clean and simple food. On weekday mornings, the restaurant also offers a varied breakfast menu.

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And there are more…

R14, Pull, Stalker, Gallery Cafe and Chicago 1933 also welcome well-behaved pets, but R14 asks that you let them know in advance when booking. Stalker warns, however, that it is not advisable to take your four-legged friend with you later in the evening, when there is more buzz and noise. All of these restaurants always provide clean drinking water for dogs and by the way – Gallery Cafe also serves dog biscuits 🙂