Gallery Cafe


Gallery Cafe

Gallery Cafe is located in the city center, in Rotermann, and combines art and gastronomy. You can come here for breakfast, enjoy lunch, or spend your evening discussing art. The cafe’s walls are adorned with works of modern art, creating a pleasant atmosphere for enjoying delicious food. The rich breakfast selection includes handmade muesli, sandwiches, and even pancakes. For lunch, we offer pasta and salads. In addition to cocktails and a great wine selection, the drink menu surprises with rare teas and coffee.

The ambiance of Gallery Cafe invites you to spend quality time. On one side, there’s a historic limestone wall, and on the other, a modern bar counter and wooden wall. The cafe’s shelves are filled with interesting books that you can read alongside your coffee and cake. Just like all of Rotermann, the cafe skillfully combines the old and the new.

Gallery Cafe can be found on the first floor of Ajamaja, with entrances on both sides of the building.

Address: Rotermanni 6, Tallinn

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