Before heading to the theatre visit Rotermann!

Are you looking for the perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal before the start of a theatre or concert performance? Or are you looking for a place to exchange impressions after the curtain has fallen? Be it the former or the latter, this guide will help you find the perfect place to make your cultural night even more memorable.


In the cosy Flammkuchen, delicious ‘flame cakes’ are made right in front of the customers. The flavours of the flambé, cooked in a hot oven, are pure, simple and, without a doubt, mouth-watering. Best of all, if you don’t have enough time before the performance, flambés covered with a generous amount of cheese are quickly prepared and eating them with your fingers is highly recommended.

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Located in the heart of the Rotermann Quarter, the Orangerie café is a popular meeting place, where morning guests are greeted with coffee and croissants, while evenings are spent with a fine selection of wines and a traditional French dinner. With a lush floral décor and floor-to-ceiling windows reminiscent of Europe’s finest cafés and brasseries, it is the perfect place for a quick coffee break or a longer chat.

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With its timeless interior, Platz always evokes a feeling of warmth – during the day amidst the limestone walls, in the evening in the soft candlelight. But the main thing is what’s on offer – there’s always something to suit all tastes on Platz’s carefully thought-out menu. The restaurant has also invested heavily in creating and developing its wine list – the list of natural wines is longer than the dessert menu, not to mention the selection of sparkling or classic white and red wines. So it’s not a bad thing if, when visiting Platz, you feel like chatting over a glass of wine, for hours and hours if necessary.

Take me there is an Asian-inspired restaurant whose menu aims to combine in its gastronomic journey both the flavours of Asia and the Western approach we are familiar with, as well as offering a delicious and affordable menu for those who appreciate quality food. On special occasions, is happy to offer a unique culinary experience for those who love lively emotions and extravagant dishes, even into the late hours.

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