Diving into the weekend, full of spirit

The workweek is behind you and you’re looking for the right place to spend time with friends. Say no more. On the eve of the weekend, the Rotermann Quarter is filled with live music, delicious food and great entertainment. Come with your friends and explore the heart of the city, where no such thing as a dull moment exist

Siesta Tapas Bar

Siesta is a tiny, cosy place to eat and drink in true Spanish style, with authentic Spanish food at the heart of the menu, of course, complemented by a quality selection of wines. While on a daily basis Siesta’s friendly and welcoming service creates a cosy atmosphere, on Friday dance nights the temperature is turned up with lively flamenco or a live performance

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One of the most popular downtown venues on weekend nights is undoubtedly Stalker, in Ajamaja. In the evenings, the buzzing café-turned-restaurant/bar offers something for everyone, with timeless classics from Negroni to Caipirinha, as well as Stalker’s own signature house cocktails – Sugar Daddy and Shy Martini. Stalker’s long bar counter also has 16 (!) different beers on tap, and there’s no shortage of food on the menu, featuring both fish and meat dishes, as well as a wide range of vegetarian options.

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Bruxx – New Belgian

Situated in the heart of the Rotermann Quarter, the luxurious yet cosy Bruxx offers a real taste experience straight from Belgian cuisine. This is the ultimate place for those who appreciate the harmony of traditional dishes and modern flavours. Bruxx’s special feature is its premises, spread over two floors, which are reminiscent of a Belgian café setting, creating the perfect atmosphere for relaxing get-togethers with friends and family alike.

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The world-famous Brewdog craft beer bar features 14 rotating taps and serves more than 150 different bottled beers from around the world, from both large and small brewers. The cosy bar also collaborates with the Flammkuchen kitchen a few doors down, which offers a range of different pizza-style focaccia, perfectly paired with craft beer from the taps.

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Taco and cocktail bar Taqueria offers the tastiest Mexican cuisine and a wide selection of drinks. Authentic dishes from burritos to nachos to tacos and quesadillas can be enjoyed in a casual and friendly atmosphere. Taqueria’s cocktail chefs will also make sure that your meal is served with the right drink, whether you prefer a Single Malt Scotch or a local draft Black Nun.

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