Discovering Beauty in Rotermann Quarter

Experienced beauticians know that the Rotermann Quarter boasts carefully selected gems offering impeccable services and quality products. Whether you’re discovering the latest beauty trends or simply enjoying a moment to yourself, the Rotermann Beauty Guide is a trusted advisor to pamper both body and mind.

Beauty Salon Savannah

Since 1994, beauty salon Savannah has been offering customers more than just haircuts. Today, Savannah’s spacious, well-lit spaces in the heart of the Rotermann Quarter create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and beauty. No less importantly, Savannah is staffed by some of the best professionals in the field, dedicated to the beauty and well-being of their customers, using products from world-renowned brands such as Wella and Paul Mitchell. It is thanks to them that the Savannah salon has grown over the years into a true beauty centre, where every detail is carefully thought through to offer their customers the very best.

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Beauty Salon Maribell

Maribell is a door to a world where professionalism and care go hand in hand, offering visitors a truly special and relaxing experience. Maribell’s team, comprised of the top professionals in the field, is committed to ensuring that every visitor leaves the salon feeling rejuvenated, beautiful and well cared for. Maribell offers a wide range of services, from high quality hair treatments to luxurious beauty and body treatments, as well as relaxing spa experiences designed to bring out natural beauty and offer intense pampering

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Lumberjack Barbershop

The Lumberjack Barbershop is where time slows down and men’s looks and well-being come first. Operating in the Rotermann Quarter since 2019, the Lumberjack Barbershop’s services include quality haircuts, razor blade shaves, hairstyling, and more, all brought to perfection using the best tools and high-quality men’s cosmetics. Along with the treatments, customers are also offered the opportunity to enjoy a cup of their favourite coffee, tea or even a preferred alcoholic beverage, all to the accompaniment of pleasant blues music.

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Macta Beauty Shop

Winner of numerous beauty awards with its products, Macta Beauty shop is one of the largest providers of body care services and products in Estonia. Representing more than 350 brands, Macta Beauty strives to offer its customers the very best – from a diverse range of make-up and hair care products, facials, nutritional supplements and smart cosmetics, to eco-friendly and organic products. By the way, the name Macta – Latin for ‘worshipped’, ‘honoured’ or ‘of the Gods’ – is an apt description of the company’s commitment to quality and innovation, and its desire to provide solutions that exceed the expectations of all beauty fans.

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Since 1996, Hairline has been committed to enriching the world of beauty by offering a wide range of professional hair care products, decorative cosmetics, styling accessories and salon furnishings. Hairline’s experienced and professional staff are always ready to help you find just the right products to meet the high demands of professionals and beauty enthusiasts alike – because Hairline believes that everyone is uniquely beautiful and deserves the best car

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