Angeelika Kang has been involved in the cafe business for 10 years, starting with Cafe More on the 4th floor of Viru Keskus, which became a very popular cafe from the moment it opened. With extensive experience in publishing cookbooks for decades, there is no doubt about her great passion for baking. Angeelika has drawn inspiration from French and Italian cuisine, which includes both healthy and heartier dishes. The Levier family is relatively small but highly competent. All servers are excellent baristas, pastry chefs make the city’s best macaroons and pastries, and the chefs always use the finest ingredients. It’s urban and cozy.

The cafe’s interior is quite urban with its high ceilings and concrete walls. It has been made cozier by using wooden tables and soft couches. A rich selection of potted plants also adds to the coziness.

On weekends, Levier offers late breakfast throughout the day.

Address: Rotermanni 18/1, Tallinn

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Image - Levier